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Wallpaper Removal Auckland

Are you decorating or renovating your home and need wallpaper removal services? Do you have wallpaper on the walls of your commercial property and want to have it removed? At Corporate Interiors, we have extensive experience removing wallpaper, so we can help.

Coming to us for wallpaper removal makes sense as we offer a full range of painting and decorating services. Therefore, we can remove the wallpaper before completing any work that needs to be done to repair your wall and make it ready for decorating.


Interior Wallpaper Removing Services in Auckland

Some of the steps we will take include:

  • Removing wallpaper using specialist equipment that gets the job done efficiently while minimising the potential for damaging your wall in the process
  • Cleaning your walls to remove wallpaper paste residue and any remaining paper
  • Filling in cracks, caulking, removing nails and other fittings, etc to leave a smooth surface
  • Sanding and cleaning the wall again ready for the decorating work
  • If required, we also offer plastering, gib fixing, and joinery services
  • Painting your walls

Remember, many people use wallpaper as a decorating option as it covers up imperfections on the surface of the wall or ceiling. Therefore, once the wallpaper is removed, additional remedial work is usually required before painting can begin.


Wallpaper Removing Services in Northshore

Why choose us at Corporate Interiors if you need wallpaper removal? We have an excellent reputation in the industry. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Our standard of workmanship is second to none
  • We have extensive experience
  • We offer a full range of painting, decorating and plastering services, making us your one-stop-shop
  • You’ll get a professional service, expert advice, and excellent communication
  • We’re reliable and we deliver on our promises

We offer all the above services for your ceilings too if you have wallpaper on the ceiling.


Wallpaper Removing Specialist in Auckland

Stripping wallpapers is not a DIY job. Most homeowners underestimate the process and consider it a cakewalk. However, they don’t understand the complexity of the wallpaper removal process. This is why we would highly recommend everyone to hire professionals for the task.

Corporate Interiors houses a team of professionals who are skilled and experienced to strip down your old wallpaper and prepare the walls for further use. Based on the condition of your wall, we determine the adequate wallpaper removal process for your project. Not just tall claims, but we also deliver what we promise. And in case you are not satisfied with the results, either we fix it or you don’t pay at all.

Browse through our website to see the work that we have completed. And while you are at it, check what our clients have to say about us.


Hire Experienced Wallpaper Removalist

You’re just a phone call away from ordering professional wallpaper stripping and removal services in Auckland. We offer no-obligation, free quote upon site visitation so that you can rest assured all the work is done within your budget. Also, we are very punctual. We will never keep you waiting. All this is done to ensure you get the best possible wallpaper removal service for your money.

You can also contact us today via email or message.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

No, you should not paint over wallpaper. We would highly recommend getting that wallpaper removed, surface cleaned and prepped before you apply a fresh coat of paint.

To avoid damaging drywall, we follow a detailed wallpaper removal process. We start by preparing the surface with non-toxic solutions. After which we start stripping the wallpaper gently using a putty knife. As we remove the leftover wallpaper, we also scrape as much glue as possible.

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Client Testimonials

I very much appreciate the fabulous paint job done by Corporate Interiors. They helped us choose the right colour for our office walls and desks and understood me and my demands. What I loved the most was their efficiency as they completed it all so quickly! Thanks, Corporate Interiors!!


We have now used Corporate for several of our in-home renovations. The team is very trustworthy, easy to communicate with, use excellent products, and, most importantly, good at their job. We would 100% use Corporate Interiors Painting again for our next project


Corporate Interiors did a great job painting the exteriors of our home! We weren’t sure where to start when it came down to hiring someone to paint. One day we finally decided that it was time for us to get our house in order, and all of our friends highly recommended the painters at Corporate Interiors! They got the bases covered – they showed up on time, had their own supplies, cleaned up afterwards and most importantly – painted like pros!! Couldn’t be happier with how things worked out for us in the end with this crew. Thank you, Corporate Interiors!


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